Pearl Farming

The process of producing our cultured pearls involves meticulous effort and unmatchable precision from our master craftsmen. It starts at Galatea Farm in Tahiti, where local farmers collect oyster shells and insert a grain of sand into each one for pearl-forming to commence. After three years, a bead nucleus, such as citrine, can then be inserted, which requires a cultivation period of 18 months. During this time, the shell coats the nucleus with a nacre. Following harvest, the colored nucleus will be revealed after the pearl has been carved. The result is an item that enhances the pearl’s natural beauty with an elegant touch.


Although we farm our pearls all year round, we harvest them only two times a year. To end up with the highest quality pearls, the process cannot be rushed. Of equal importance, our farmers thoroughly clean each shell every two months. They can be reused to culture new pearls in successively larger sizes, while making minimal impact to the marine ecosystem. From Momento to you, we are honored to share this magnificent and rare pearl jewelry with you at no environmental loss.

Our Vision of Beauty

We feel a responsibility to extend our vision of beauty to the people that make it possible. At Momento, we take pride in our sustainable practises and ethical relationship with our 120-strong team of workers. Our Vietnam premise employs a majority of local village inhabitants. With great working conditions and generous salaries, our team strives to craft outstanding jewelry, whilst sustaining their community. Thus Momento forms a unique connection between cultured pearls and pearl farmers.