Magical Jewelry that talks.

At its heart, Momento Pearl is an incredible blend of traditional jewelry and current technology. Think of it as a digital locket for the 21st century, one with the power to capture your innermost thoughts, memories, and dreams.

From Our Heart to Yours

A Letter from the Artist – Chi.

When I first opened my company 20 years ago, I decided to call it Galatea. In Greek mythology, Galatea is the name of a statue that came to life after her sculptor fell in love with her. As an artist, I find the concept of breathing life into art as quite romantic. But if any art I have created comes close to coming alive, it would be our Momento Pearl”.

The Galatea Momento Pearl is more than just a pearl.
It’s not a thing. It’s a being. You can say, “I love you,” and the words will be held by this pearl forever. You can sing a song of love, and the melody will last for eternity. This pearl is born when the person who gives it to another breathes life into it with words, images and memories. You decide what the Momento Pearl will say and contain for your loved ones. It is traditional jewelry that uses twenty-first century technology. Think of it as a locket that will hold your innermost thoughts and dreams, your memories and your love until the end of time.

No one will live forever but your voice will live on close to the ones you love for generations. I hope you can relive your happiness, your laughter and all of your precious moments with this Momento Pearl. It would bring me great joy to know that the Momento Pearl can bring love, hope and happy memories closer to the ones you love.

– Chi