Our Craftsmanship

At its heart, Momento is an incredible blend of traditional jewelry and current technology. Think of it as a digital locket for the 21st century, one with the power to capture your innermost thoughts, memories, and dreams.

The Founder, Chi Huynh

Growing up in Vietnam, Galatea founder Chi Huynh made his start in the jewelry industry as a young apprentice of his father, a highly respected jeweler on the local and international scene. Years of hard training under his father’s coveted guidance led Chi to realise the importance of dedicating time and effort towards making beautiful jewelry. This mindset still forms the core of Galatea, creator of some of the world’s most exquisite jewelry collections.

Awarding Winning Designer

Early 2000, Chi accidentally “nicked” a pearl he was preparing for a Diamond in a Pearl setting. The cut that exposed the cultured pearl’s mother-of-pearl bead fascinated him. With the initial success as the first to bring carved pearls into the jewelry market, Chi envisioned further triumphs for culturing pearls with a gem nucleus. From there, he endured trials and hardships to successfully develop a way to culture gem-nucleated pearls, and hand-carving them to reveal the gem beneath. Indeed, Chi’s attempts were also met with profuse public criticism. After years of fruitless experiments, in 2008, he introduced the first gem-nucleated pearl to the industry. This revolutionary act earned Chi immense recognition and multiple awards. Soon after, he patented this invention as Galatea Pearl TM.

“Pearls Without Boundaries”

Since his days as his father’s apprentice, Chi believes that “true innovators ….” Today at Galatea, our 120-strong team of jewelers share our founder’s philosophy and dream to create beautiful, unusual jewelry. It is with Chi’s perpetually innovative spirit that “Pearls Without Boundaries” remain possible.