Why Carved Pearls

Chi Huynh is the founder and thinking force behind the Momento pearl, where pearls have no boundaries. Intent on expressing his creative freedom, Huynh began carving Tahitian pearls, taking one of nature’s most beautiful gems and enhancing it with an artist’s flair.

It was a Revolutionary Act

Huynh successfully became the first to bring carved cultured pearls to the jewelry market. However, pearl carving means much more than creating beautiful sculptures; it is about unleashing the creative spirit, resulting in a symbol of originality and individualism.

Boldly beautiful and Unique

Our carved pearls have been designed for those who are not afraid to burn the road map and make their own pathways. Each one is produced with the utmost precision and attention to quality, achieved by few skilled craftsmen. These techniques and pride in craftsmanship embody the philosophy of Momento.